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The likes of Emirati folk looking for their global synonyms


In an atmosphere full of charm of the past, Emirati journalist Jamal Matar and Emirati researcher Khamis Ismael Al Matrooshi look together to weave stories of ancestors and wisdom, and complete the details of the popular tale that translates their horizons into a new television vision, entitled People of the Ideal Said.

In an atmosphere full of charm, Emirati journalist Jamal Matar and Emirati researcher Khamis Ismael al-Matroushi look together to weave anecdotes and ancestors made by ancestors. The first on Sama Dubai, skillfully reflecting some aspects of the indigenous culture of a unique social and cultural character draws from the dictionary of the ancient folklore heritage of human and civilizational local, Arab and global.

Several paragraphs, and various ideas and novel novel styles, which distanced the owners from the repetition and classics of the old preparation and presentation, in which the journalist Jamal Matar, accompanied by researcher in the heritage of the UAE, Khamis al-Matroushi, to provide a distinct media product that speaks authenticity and emulates the authentic Emirati singular, which was chosen This time, with great care, the details, the joy of watching, and the elements of surprise that the presidents have devoted through theses that combine humor and spontaneity with wit, are not overlooked in a clever attempt to unite the taste, unity of origin and roots among a generation of young viewers and "Schwab" alike.

Reality simulation

The UAE Today visited the studio of the new program on Sama Dubai, which will be broadcast soon in parallel with the new program cycle, where the UAE researcher and media journalist Khamis Ismail Al Matrooshi, the author of multiple writings in the field of heritage and proverbs, the importance of simulating beautiful time, and the value of emphasizing the role The Emirati family, with its small and large extensions, which can usually include the grandfather, the father and all the family members, pointing out their role in evaluating the behavior of children through adopting valuable social customs, one of which was the keenness of parents to take their children to the councils that served as real schools. You learn proverbs and wisdom, and learn poetry through indoctrination or simulation, and even by looking and listening to what the adults say in these councils, adding: «In the human development in our modern life, there has become a kind of independence for the Emirati family, and then the role of the family decline “It's only for weekend meetings or social events.”

For this reason, the UAE researcher stressed the importance of the current interpretations of the cultural heritage, pointing to the value of «linguistic interpretations», which is reflected in the popular proverbs of the UAE, and trying to link them with contemporary UAE society, to build bridges of civilizational communication between generations, through a set of paragraphs that were externally photographed under the supervision of the researcher The Emirati, Juma Bin Thalit, who looks at the new program through a fixed paragraph depends on the visit «Schwab», and asked about the old proverbs and their meanings and circumstances of origin, and even circulation at the local level, and proverbs endangered for several reasons, in exchange for the possibility that the birth of likes Maratneh contemporary inspired by the local environment and society present its vocabulary and sustainability.

Common denominators

Jamal Mattar, a UAE journalist and writer, has a long history of diverse media experiences, dozens of cultural and social programs that he has successfully presented, both on television and radio, as well as his rich experience in the field of theatrical work written and directed, as well as addressing many Literary and cultural studies and researches, which will be embodied in a bilateral meeting with Matroushi, in which he will lean on his general culture in this area, to make important comparisons and useful approaches to popular proverbs with their synonyms at the Gulf and the Arab world, and up to Shakespeare and Mutanabbi Pushkin «Emirati proverbs intersect with dozens of proverbs in the Arab world and human literature, while the UAE local dialect is characterized by its ability to reduce and concise, to convey the information and the meaning to be presented, and if we stop at one example in the Arabic language we would find a sentence (I grew up puppy, became a dog, Vadni) corresponds to a general reduction in the UAE that (Lord Clipp Yaklk) ».

In addition to relying on Khamis Ismael Al Matrooshi, as a writer in the UAE's popular examples, heritage books and Arabic language are synonymous sources that contribute effectively to enrich the knowledge and cultural aspects of the new episodes, which are not without a sense of humor and humor, which we find represented in Emirati popular proverb «Alshrdh text of the boiler», which corresponds like «Heribah two-thirds boilers», and «dead coward and do not say God have mercy», and then what he said in this regard «The coward dies thousands of times, but the brave only taste death One, which in turn corresponds to the words of the adopter «If m Except the cowardly land / request to appeal alone Alenzala. »

Expected success

Mattar and Matroushi are betting on the success of the new program's episodes in attracting a large audience of young people and the elderly alike, due to the diversity of its three main paragraphs, which start with the presentation of a popular Emirati, and the journey to search for its roots and heritage items, before moving to the paragraph of external reports filmed with the researcher Juma Bin Thalit, in the councils of senior citizens, after which the episode ends with a paragraph comparing the UAE popular proverb with the corresponding Gulf, Arab and international, in the context of a spontaneous dialogue succeeded Matar and Matroushi to catch the parties with a clear professionalism.

UAE hands

In their joint dialogue, Matroushi and Matar stressed the public's call to follow the episodes of the new program «People of the saying they said», on «Sama Dubai», which depends mostly on Emirati elements, both in the process of preparation or presentation, while directing the studio was entrusted to Mohammed Najafi The director Hussein Al-Ansari, with the help of director Nawar Al-Shamsi, directed external reports, along with a group of cadres «Sama Dubai» such as producer Mohammed Al-Sulaimi and assistant producer Rami Zuhair, to provide a new television vision combining the fragrant heritage and contemporary spirit.

• An attempt to link UAE popular proverbs with contemporary society.

Khamis Al Matrooshi:

• "The role of the large family is reduced to be limited to the dates of the weekend meetings or social events."

Jamal Matar:

• «UAE popular proverbs intersect with dozens of proverbs in the Arab world and global human literature».

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