President Yoshino's organization “Pride” Asahi Kasei President “Great Joy” Oct. 9 20:45

Mr. Tatsuya Shimamura, General Affairs Department of the Lithium-ion Battery Materials Evaluation Research Center, chaired by Akira Yoshino, who was selected for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, said, The lithium-ion battery that Yoshino laid the foundation for is expected to develop further with the aim of high capacity, high output, and high safety for in-vehicle use such as mobile phones and personal computers as well as electric vehicles. I want to meet that expectation. "

The Lithium Ion Battery Material Evaluation Research Center is a public and private organization that supports companies involved in lithium ion battery R & D in Japan.

President Asahi Kasei "Expecting to help people around the world"

Asahi Kasei President Hideaki Kobori said, “I would like to congratulate you with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and I would like to congratulate you with great joy. We expect further technological innovation in the environment and energy field, and we hope it will help people around the world. "