Nuclear weapons abolition activities Discussion including succession to the A-bomb survivor

The Japan Foundation Association = Japan Atomic Bomb Victims Association Meeting held a representative meeting in Tokyo. As the A-bomb survivors are getting older, the future generation of nuclear weapons will be eliminated, including the succession of the children's generations We discussed the issues of the activity.

Approximately 90 people, including representatives from nationwide A-bomb survivors, attended the two-day meeting.

In this report, the attendees reported on the continuation of future activities, calling for participation from those who agreed to the “A-bomb II” and activities in their respective regions.

On the other hand, it is difficult to get interested in the “bombed second generation” who has not experienced the atomic bomb directly, and some of them have not yet revealed that their parents are survivors because of fear of discrimination and prejudice There was an opinion that the activities could not be taken over.

Also, at the conference, an interim report of the nationwide survey conducted for the A-bomb survivor for the first time by the Japan Foundation was announced, and among the over 3,400 respondents, he said that he might feel anxiety and worries as the survivor. In addition to about 60% of the people, about 32% of the respondents answered that they would like to try out the activities to disseminate the actual aspects of the atomic bomb damage.

The representative of the Japan Foundation Association, Jun Tanaka, said, “The A-bomb survivor II was not directly exposed but was a victim, and we must think about what kind of movement we will do in the future.”