• Letizia and the mysterious dressing room

The 'Letizia watchers', that large international group that faithfully follows every change of hairstyle, clothing and accessories choice of SM the Queen , is outraged by the press appearances of photographs prior to its great transformation. The 'watchers' accuse the 'haters' of wanting to remind us that Mrs. Letizia in her times as a journalist, although she was undoubtedly an attractive woman, had a somewhat particular profile that has nothing to do with the current one.

It is a reality that SM is becoming more beautiful every day and with a commendable freshness for a woman who will soon be half a lifetime. It is the perfect example of what I call, recalling Margaret Kennedy's novel published in 1924, "a constant nymph."

No one denies that such beauty is due to alleged initial surgeries followed by constant 'refreshings' or 'refrescadinhas', something that has caused a large number of Spanish women to follow their example, moving from the cleaning of sometimes painful skin in a hairdressing salon from neighborhood to more sophisticated techniques in different institutes and beauty clinics.

These, which have begun to emerge in Madrid like mushrooms after a rainy day, owe their sudden fashion undoubtedly to SM the Queen, a walking example of eternal youth.

Far away are those times when there were only three women capable of transforming ugly ducklings into swans or almost. The pioneers have their followers who swear by them and they are Maribel Yébenes, Massumeh and Carmen Navarro. At first I will be eternally grateful for having made me lose seven kilos when I needed it most. The second rose to fame for its very expensive creams based on Iranian caviar although manufactured in Spain. The clients of the third adore her and for a time it was rumored that she rejuvenated the main floor of the Aznar / Bottle era PP, in addition to many stars of the 'showbiz'.

Letizia shows off her flower dress by Asos

Yébenes, who has foreign specialists who come once a month, had for years the famous doctor Christian Chams, as soon revered as vilified, that with his 'pricks' of a secret vitamin cocktail rejuvenated Empress Farah of Iran, Queen Rania of Jordan and, above all, Camilla Parker Bowles before he became Duchess of Cornwall. As they tell me, he has just opened his own clinic in the heart of Madrid's golden mile.

Finally: the cry of 'refrescadinha' arises in every appearance of Mrs. Letizia in which she looks a little younger and makes women go to make some facial retouching with the new non-invasive techniques, which leave those bloody liftings behind from the past that left men and women as pharaonic mummies.

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