In this era of rascality and political fanaticism, futurology is still a superstition and a great business, but today the future is not read in a cup. The art of prediction is based on mathematics and advisors. In the first century, two harps could not look at each other without laughing; In the 21st century, few rulers make decisions without delving into the viscera of the polls. Political leaders have their forecasters and seers whom they consult several times a day. Tony Blair did nothing without listening to Alastair Campbell , whom he considered a genius. He denominated new labor to the old party of the labor unions. He also manipulated the dossier data to deceive public opinion by filtering that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Campbell himself says that today's elections are won with a leader and a team of image consultants. Gurus, propagandists, speech writers, spin doctors, plumbers, priests of importance, are considered the fifth power in the last era of politics.

On the eve of the ruling of the Supreme Court and the tsunami announced by the separatists, when the polls are manipulated, the casting and marketing replace political ideas. I have spoken with a politician who held positions of great responsibility in the PSOE. It is a sure and clear source, a harp of logic. I didn't interview him in a garage, but as Mark Felt is a lone ranger and a prodigious head.

- Do you think Pedro Sánchez is well advised?

-I think so. The campaign is going to do well to the PSOE with the strategic choice of covering all the center space that has conditioned the PP and Cs campaign. The fact that Ana Pastor is 2 in Madrid and Rivera swallows her pedrophobia , they confirm.

-And what can happen on the left?

- Errejón will get seats that will take Pablo away .

-'Evita ' will end the Pigtails ? .

-The Bolsheviks will overcome the Mensheviks.

-What is the strong idea of ​​the campaign?

-The main objective is mobilization. Finally there will be a high, reasonable participation.

- Will the blockade continue?

- Pedro can govern in a minority and will surely recover the variable geometry.

- Will there be a sentence and Franco will return to Mingorrubio?

-The sentence will favor ERC; the exhumation of Franco, to the Government. But moderately.

- Will there be agreement with the PP?

-Do not. But Pedro will promote major agreements and reforms and some will enter the PP.

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