Why are there too many pets? To deal with troubles such as offensive odors, grasp individual cases October 8:39

The Ministry of the Environment surveyed local governments nationwide to grasp individual cases for the first time in order to examine countermeasures to the problem called `` multiple breeding collapse '' where the number of animals that have been kept increases and can not be properly raised It was.

With regard to “multi-headed breeding” where multiple dogs and cats are bred, owners breed unplanned without performing sterilization, and problems such as bad odor, noise, and animal abuse have been pointed out in various places.

The Ministry of the Environment decided to grasp individual cases for the first time by conducting a questionnaire survey of 125 local governments such as prefectures and ordinance-designated cities nationwide in order to examine the background of the problem and countermeasures.

The questionnaire asks the owner about the background of the multi-head breeding and the final solution for up to 5 cases in each municipality.

The Ministry of the Environment summarizes the results of the questionnaire during the current fiscal year, we decided to create a guideline that shows the corresponding measures to the prospect of the end of the next fiscal year.