Content misunderstood as broadcast broadcasting ethics violation in BPO Nagano Broadcasting October 7, 18:04

In March, a program about work style reform reported by Nagano Broadcasting, a broadcaster of Nagano Prefecture, BPO = “Broadcast Ethics / Program Improvement Organization” is deeply advertised by advertisers and misunderstood viewers as advertising broadcasting As a result, it was concluded that there was a violation of broadcasting ethics because no appropriate examination was conducted prior to the broadcast.

In March, Nagano Broadcasting broadcast a 30-minute program created by a production company as an advertiser for the social insurance labor corporation in the prefecture, “The Future Starting with Work Style Reform”.

In this regard, the BPO Broadcast Ethics Verification Committee violated the broadcasting standards of the Japan Federation of Private Broadcasters, which said that corporate business introductions in the program could be taken as advertisements and that viewers would not misunderstand advertisement broadcasts. It was deliberated that there is a risk of doing.

The BPO announced its opinion on the 7th, “In the broadcasting, the president of the corporation talked from the camera's perspective and the telephone number of the corporation was displayed as the contact information. There is no reason to misunderstand that it is. "

After that, he pointed out that “nobody knew the content of the broadcast until the person in charge watched it 2 days before the broadcast, and did not conduct a proper examination before the broadcast”, and “There was a violation of broadcast ethics.” I concluded.

Nagano Broadcasting said, “We will take the written opinion seriously and make use of it for future broadcasting activities. As a result of the violation of broadcasting ethics, we sincerely apologize to the viewers and everyone who cooperated with the program. I commented.