1.8 billion yen country cyber-attack prevention function Unused and abolished Unusually used October 8th 6:09


In order to prevent the leakage of information from cyber attacks, etc., a survey conducted by the Auditing Institute that the national information management system developed by spending approximately 1.8 billion yen has been abolished and never used for two years since its start. I understood.

Four years ago, in 2015, when the personal information such as the names of pensioners leaked from the Japan Pension Service, the government called “Secure Zone” in the network that aggregated the information systems of each ministry and agency. A highly functional function is provided.

This function was developed over about 1.8 billion yen and was supposed to prevent cyber attacks from outside, but after being examined by the Auditing Institute, it was never used for two years since the start of operation in 2017 I understood that.

Because it is cut off from the Internet, it is not easy to use because it takes time to enter data.

Because it costs maintenance, it has already been abolished in March, so the Auditorium asks the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications that it was operating to prevent recurrence.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications says "I can't comment because I'm undergoing inspection."