Kotoshino Nobel Prize Winners will be announced from 7th October 17:31

Announcing the Nobel Prize winners started on the 7th, and as a Japanese, 27, including those who acquired American nationality, following the special professor of Kyoto University who won the Medical and Physiology Award last year, 27 It will be noticed whether there will be an eye winner.

The Nobel Prize started in 1901 based on the Swedish will of Alfred Nobel who invented dynamite.

The announcement of the winners
▽ The 7th is Medical and Physiology Award,
▽ The 8th is Physics Prize
▽ The 9th is the Chemical Award
▽ The 10th is the Literature Award,
▽ The 11th is the Peace Prize
▽ The 14th is the Economics Award.

The literary prize was announced last year at a Swedish Academy scandal where it was selected, so there will be two years of winners.

The Nobel Prize-winning Japanese people, including those who have acquired American nationality, are 26 people, and last year, the 27th prize winner for the second consecutive year following Mr. Honjo, a special professor at Kyoto University who received the Medical and Physiology Award last year. It will be noticed whether or not.