Relief measures at free schools for foreign children to attend Hamamatsu October 3, 19:39

Hamamatsu City, where many foreigners live, has started to offer free childhood education and childcare that started this month. We have established a policy of accepting notification as an “unauthorized childcare facility” that is subject to gratification.

The government does not apply to “schools” such as foreign schools for the early childhood education and childcare free of charge that started this month using the increase in sales by increasing the consumption tax rate.

Under these circumstances, Hamamatsu City, where many foreigners live, has been approved by the prefecture as various schools, and the school corporations and prefectures that operate the two foreign schools in the city where infants such as Brazilians attend. I have studied.

As a result, the two schools withdrew the authorization of the various schools accepting infants, and then notified Hamamatsu City again as an out-of-licensed childcare facility, and the city established a policy to admit this .

The two schools are currently proceeding and if they are certified by the city, they will be eligible for this system and will be subsidized for up to 37,000 yen per infant for 5 years only.

Vice President Shigehiro Ikegami, Shizuoka University of Arts and Culture, who is familiar with foreign issues, said, “It is unfair that foreigners can't receive the benefits of paying foreigners. I need it. "