N National Tachibana Party sent a document to the suspicion of intimidation of members of the district council October 2:19:29

Intimidation on the 2nd of the video posted on the Internet by the party leader Tachibana, who protects the people from NHK, threatened to "go to life" against Tokyo's ward members who once belonged to the party The document was sent for suspicion.
The Tachibana party leader said at the conference so far, “It is a fight between public members who are members of the parliament” and insisted that it was not a threat.

According to the officials, the document was sent by the party leader Takashi Tachibana, who protects the public from NHK, and in July, a video posted on YouTube, to the Chuo Ward member of Tokyo who once belonged to the party without permission. There is a suspicion of intimidation as he threatened that he was leaving the party and threatened, “I will go to kill this life thoroughly”.

The Metropolitan Police Department analyzed the video after receiving the damage report and called the police station three times last month to listen to the circumstances.

Last month, the Tachibana party said at the press conference after interviews about the situation, saying, “It is a fight between public members who are members of the Diet.”

On the other hand, he was willing to resign as a member of the House of Councilors when he was found guilty, including when he was fined and suspended.