The Federal Center for Health Awareness said that changes in the shape and color of nails are sounding the alarm, as they may portend serious diseases that amount to cancer.

The change of the color of the nail to yellow, brown or gray may be due to nail fungus or psoriasis, while the gray color may also indicate a lack of iron, zinc and vitamins, and black color of the nails threatens skin cancer.

Curvature or thickening of the nails may be due to heart, lung and liver diseases.

Thinning and shelling of nails indicate thyroid problems or a lack of minerals and vitamins such as calcium, iron, vitamin A and B, and vitamin B7 known as biotin.

Consult your physician immediately to determine the exact cause of these symptoms and to undergo timely treatment.

Cortisone creams or aspirates and tablets with active antihistamines can also be used. If the symptoms are severe, the attending physician may prescribe an emergency kit.