Matsubashi Incident: Guidance for innocenced men to be compensated for 60 million yen

34 years ago, a 86-year-old man who was found acquitted in the trial of retrial = redo after being accused of murdering a man in Matsubashi, Kumamoto Prefecture 34 years ago, the court paid 60 million yen as compensation for long-term personal restraint I decided to issue the remainder.

Hiroki Miyata (86) from Kumamoto City was sentenced to 13 years in prison for murder and murdering a man in Matsuhashi-cho, Kumamoto Prefecture, and now in Uki City. Did.

Mr. Miyata appealed for innocence and asked for a retrial = retrial. In March, the Kumamoto District Court proclaimed innocence, saying, "There is no evidence of being a criminal" and confirmed.

Mr. Miyata demanded compensation for personal restraint for a period of more than 13 years, and the Kumamoto District Court decided to issue over 60 million yen almost as requested last month.

According to the defense team, Mr. Miyata currently has symptoms of dementia and is living in a facility in Kumamoto City while receiving nursing care.

“I don't think that all my life loss and honor has been recovered with financial compensation, but it was good to have a break.”