The Ministry of Culture presented this morning the Four-Way Survey of Cultural Habits and Practices, the most ambitious study of all who portray the consumption of culture in Spain . The report is based on the responses of 16,000 Spaniards over 15 years of age on their consumption of books, music, performing arts, art, bullfighting, information, videogames ...

First conclusion: the consumption of culture, which collapsed with the crisis of 2008 and traced strongly in the survey conducted between 2014 and 2015 (the last available so far), continues to grow. 65.8% of Spaniards have read a book during the last year , 3.6 points more than in the last wave. 57.8% have gone to the movies, 3.8% more. 24.5% went to the theater, 1.3% more than in 2015. 30.1% went to a concert (5.6% more) ... There are only two categories in which demand falls : the circus and the zarzuela.

The survey also studies the channels through which the Spanish arrive to culture. The data confirm what anyone can see in their day to day: 48.5% of Spaniards listen to music on their mobile. 52.2% of Spaniards have a digital subscription to some digital content platform And, the most interesting: illegal downloading of digital content, the practice that looked like the great cancer of culture in Spain, is in extinction: 2 , 1% of Spaniards have made pirated books; 5.1% have downloaded music without rights and 3.7% do the same with video and film content. Four years ago, that percentage rose to 15/18%.

The Minister of Culture and Sports, José Guirao, stressed that this decline in piracy is the result of several factors, such as the " awareness " of the population, legal action against pirate websites and the existence of legal consumer platforms cultural.

Guirao has warned that "we must not lower our guard" and, referring to the case of illegal music downloads, has said that "5.1% must be improved" so that in the "next years it will be 0".

Some more information: The Four-Year Survey shows that women have more interest in culture than men in almost all categories (the exceptions are bulls, photography, playing music and video games ) and that those under 25 are more intense consumers.

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