“With such people, an entire era of the greatest directors, symbols of our country, is leaving. Mark Anatolyevich is precisely the symbol of our country. He had such a wise look. After all the films and performances that he staged, he will be immortalized in the history of Russian culture. We were fortunate enough to come into contact with such people. It is very sad and sad that life is finite. This is scary. We become orphans, losing such people. They live in the name and for the sake of business, ”he said.

Prigozhin also expressed hope that the Lenkom Theater would be "immortalized by the name of Mark Anatolyevich."

“That would be logical and correct. Mark Zakharov has served and deserved all his life there, ”the producer said.

Mark Zakharov died in Moscow at the 86th year of his life.

Zakharov was born in 1933. In 1973, he was appointed artistic director of the Lenin Komsomol Moscow Theater (since 1990 - the Lenkom Theater). For 45 years he has staged over 40 performances. Mark Zakharov was the director of such films as “Ordinary Miracle”, “The Same Munchausen”, “Formula of Love”.