Baby sea lion out of the drain? Missing at Osaka zoo September 27th, 23:00

At the zoo in Osaka, the whereabouts of the newly born sea lion babies are lost, and the staff are being searched.

Missing whereabouts is "Cukyu", a California sea lion female baby bred at Tennoji Zoo in Tennoji, Osaka.

According to the zoo, in the evening of 26th, the sea pond was drained for cleaning, and then water was added again, but at around 11:00 am on the 27th, the person in charge saw the figure of “Kyukyu”. I realized that I did n’t.

The drainage work was done with the sea lions in the pond. At this time, the person in charge noticed that the cover of the drainage channel with a diameter of about 30 cm was removed, but the number of sea lions was not confirmed. .

In addition, the cover was also removed when drained again for a search on the 27th.

“Kyukyu” has just been born and is soft and has a body length of only about 80 cm. In the garden, the drainage drainage cover has been removed for some reason, and it has gone out of there.

The staff of the zoo, etc., searched on the 27th in the garden and surrounding sewers, but could not find it.