Nobel Prize “Influential” Prof. Mori of Kyoto University and three other Japanese American information company September 25 16:12

Before the Nobel Prize winners were announced next month, the American academic information service company was analyzing researchers who were considered to be the winners. Three researchers including Professor Kazutoshi Mori from Kyoto University were listed as notable researchers.

The scholarly information service company “Claribate Analytics” has selected approximately 47 million research papers from around the world to select researchers who are likely to win the Nobel Prize or featured researchers.

Among them, as a remarkable researcher among Japanese,
▽ Professor Kazutoshi Mori from Kyoto University
▽ At the Chemistry Award, Professor Susumu Kitagawa of Kyoto University,
▽ In the economics award, Professor Nobuhiro Kiyotaki of Princeton University in the United States named three people.

This is because research applications are progressing and citations of papers are increasing in corporate research.

This scholarly information service company has already announced three researchers as promising researchers who won the Nobel Prize, but since it is not rare to receive a few years after the announcement, it is a remarkable researcher. It is said.

“The three papers were particularly prominent,” says Reiko Ando, ​​Senior Data Consultant.