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The Minister of Culture Franck Riester announced the creation of the holding "France Médias" this Tuesday, September 24, 2019. RFI

A holding called "France Médias", will be created to drive the four French public broadcasting companies. This reform was announced by President Macron at the beginning of his five-year term.

Franck Riester announced in the newspaper Le Figaro the timetable for the French audiovisual reform project. The Minister of Culture specifies the ambitions and outlines of the new French media group "France Médias" to be created at the beginning of the year 2021.

The goal is to unite forces, create a powerful pole to reach all audiences and counter the competition generated by platforms like Netflix . "France Médias", the parent company, will hold 100% of the capital of the four daughter companies: namely radio, public television, the National Audiovisual and Audiovisual Institute composed of RFI, France 24 and Montecarlo Doualiya .

A heavy truck headed by a single head

"France Media" intends to become a heavyweight headed by a single head, which will ensure the strategy and coordination. The chairman of the new entity will be chosen by the board of directors where the state should not be the majority. He will then be appointed by the President of the Republic after consulting the Higher Audiovisual Council and the Parliament. A system that guarantees the best independence, ensures the Minister of Culture.

The four directors of the subsidiaries will also be chosen by their boards from the end of 2022, because before the big "big bang" the law will establish a transition period. It should be noted that the Arte and TV5 Monde channels, financed by several countries, are not affected by this reform.