The world-renowned Big Bad Wolf Book Fair will return to Dubai in its second edition, from October 10 to 20, following the success of the first edition last year. The exhibition, held at the SoundStage in Dubai Studio City, is open to visitors 24 hours for 11 days, offering them discounts on books ranging from 50 to 80% of retail prices. The exhibition was announced at a press conference held yesterday at Studio One Hotel in Dubai.

Mohammed Al Aidarous, Managing Partner of Ink Riddle Books Trading Company, said: “Our first edition of the exhibition in Dubai has been a great success and has enjoyed an unprecedented public response from the UAE and the entire GCC region. “The culture of reading is in line with the UAE government's goals to support the next generation of readers and to strengthen the country's position as a global capital of culture.” Speaking to Emirates Today, Al Aidarous pointed out that what distinguishes the new course is the focus on book titles, where some titles have been focused on information gathered from statistics related to market demand in last year's edition. Children's literature, in addition to the diversification of knowledge books, and entertainment books, and put them in proportion to the current generation, so we imagine that the sale will be higher than last year, and that the exhibition attracts more visitors. He pointed out that this exhibition is the largest bookstore in the world, and its launch and success in Dubai is a success for the region, and it is easy to reach neighboring countries, especially as there is a plan to go to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and other GCC countries. Al Aidarous said that he has drawn up a plan to publish the exhibition in the region over the next five years, because the goal is to create a platform through which books will be presented.

Children's books

As for the most popular books in the market, he pointed out that children's books are the best selling in the world and in the UAE as well, followed by knowledge books on investment, and then comes entertainment books, including cooking, all available in the exhibition. Al-Aidarous noted that what distinguishes the exhibition is that it presents books in a non-traditional way, so that the books are placed under one roof, and there is freedom of movement and reading books. In conclusion, he spoke about the Reading Challenge initiative, which highlights the generation's interest in reading and books in more than 44 countries.This is a good sign for the exhibition to grow through these initiatives, pointing out that they were keen to increase the number of books in Arabic from last year through the extra space of the exhibition.

Inspirational platform

“Reading expands our intellectual perceptions and gives us an endless amount of knowledge,” said Big Bad Wolf founder Andrew Yap. With three million books in this year's edition in Dubai, we are confident that we can meet all readers' tastes. ” He added: «We aspire through this exhibition to launch an inspiring platform that encourages them to achieve their dreams and enhance their knowledge, by facilitating access to books and make the prices affordable to all».

In a speech delivered by the cultural adviser in the Dubai government, Jamal bin Huwairib, he stressed the existence of some projects that officials may think may fail, and put obstacles and obstacles to them, although they have succeeded elsewhere, but always successful projects that benefit people when the doors open to them succeed And benefit the country. He pointed out that the exhibition is one of the projects needed by the state, especially since there is a tangible reluctance to read, first because of high prices and secondly repeating titles, and thirdly the absence of the right book in the right place, the future of the existence of a specialized exhibition with a huge amount of good titles and useful for different ages , Especially in Dubai, which has many nationalities.

Reading Culture

Abdullah Ahmed Al Shehhi, Chief Operating Officer of Dubai Cares, spoke of the importance of cooperation with the exhibition for them, especially as it contributes to enhancing the culture of reading and charitable work in the community. He pointed out that reading since childhood is a necessary skill for higher education in all levels and all disciplines, and is a key indicator of future educational achievements, because of its contribution to economic productivity and the full participation of the individual in modern society, encouraging members of the UAE community to donate books during the exhibition activities in support of the noble , Which will help keep the torch of hope lit in the eyes of children and young people in need in developing countries.

Majid Al Suwaidi, Director General of Dubai Studio City and Dubai Production City, spoke about hosting the largest and most popular book fair for the second year in a row at Dubai Studio City. Read and see the best global experiences.

About the exhibition

Big Bad Wolf is known as the world's largest and most popular bookstore, an event dedicated to providing the widest variety of books at the cheapest prices. The exhibition offers discounts ranging from 50 to 80%, in order to encourage people of all ages to explore the pleasure of reading by buying books at reasonable prices. It also offers a wide range of books of all kinds. Big Bad Wolf is not only a bookstore, but an organization that promotes reading. Created by Box Access platform founders Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng, the exhibition is one of Kuala Lumpur's most notable events in Malaysia since 2009, and this year celebrates its tenth edition through a series of book fairs organized throughout Malaysia.

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