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The rooster of Notre-Dame fell from the arrow during the fire of April 15 exposed to the Ministry of Culture, September 20, 2019. Philippe LOPEZ / AFP

On the occasion of the European Heritage Days, which ends this Sunday, the Ministry of Culture presents the exhibition "Revise Notre-Dame".

Eva, 3 years old, clinging to her grandmother, recognizes the rooster of Notre-Dame , in verdigris copper, which sits under the gold of the Ministry of Culture. " One says to oneself: but what an adventure! Finally, the rooster is there, he resisted well anyway .

The battered rooster

Because it is a little dented: it must be said that the rooster of Notre Dame has fallen from the top of the spire of the cathedral. Found on the ground 96 meters lower the day after the fire , it is a miracle.

Richard Boyer, head of the Socra company, responsible for restoring the 16 statues perched at the base of the arrow: " Everything else, the lead decorations have melted. The only decorative element that has been burnt and has been preserved is the rooster, "he says.

The other statues are visible in part to the Ministry of Culture since they had luckily been dismantled four days before the tragedy. " The idea of ​​this exhibition is to give a bit of heart and show that in fact we are working on the restoration of the building. Also show all the work of the architect Viollet-le-Duc, the engravings, the original photos, perhaps to raise awareness of the maintenance of heritage in general, "says Richard Boyer.

Notre-Dame very present during these Days

Alongside Richard Boyer, a boater in leather apron is there to give visitors a glimpse of the work of restoration, forty different hammers at hand.

Although invisible to the public since the fire of April 15, Notre-Dame is very present for these European Heritage Days. For example, the Mobilier National presents its 25-meter-long wool carpet and the Cité de l'architecture is devoting an exhibition to it.