Ajman Media City has signed a cooperation agreement with X Movies UAE Film Production Company, under which the city will support the company's cinema and drama productions.

During the signing of the agreement, which was witnessed by the Executive Director of the city Mahmoud Al Hashimi and Chairman of the Board of Directors Faisal Bin Ahmed, the launch of four new films, one of which began filming in Ajman Media City recently.

The four films are: «Btaa Kulah» starring Ibrahim Al-Mraisi, Hani Al-Masri, Mohammed Al-Kindi, Khalid Zebian, Fattak 1 by Saeed Al-Saadi and Ali Saleh; Khalidi and peace fadwa and Maitha Mohammed. He also revealed during the signing of the film a film will be filmed next year, entitled «Location», and is the first action film of the United Arab Emirates to shoot techniques comparable to Hollywood productions. For his part, Al-Hashemi stressed the importance of cinema support, especially in light of the continuous growth of the art scene in recent years. Faisal bin Ahmed stressed the need to find meaningful content in any work of art, pointing out that cinema has a direct impact on the audience. The four films released by X Movies range from comedy, action and drama.