The singer, invited on Saturday by Isabelle Morizet, told the microphone of Europe 1 how was born urgently the mythical song that made the opening of the Stade de France.


Pascal Obispo did not want to be a singer at all costs. He wanted to work with them. Today composer, lyricist and performer, the artist has returned to one of the master shots of his career in the show There is not a life in life : the creation of the song Enable the fire for Johnny Hallyday.

"I tried to put myself in his skin"

At the origin of this mythical title? An order from the star herself. The idol of young people desires a title that will mark his entry to the Stade de France in 1998. "I'm ordered, I think, I propose things.For Johnny, for the album, we had a little less three weeks to compose all the titles! ", recalls Pascal Obispo. "It was quite difficult but when I was presented on his boat in New York, he really asked me for a song to open the Stade de France."

Pascal Obispo then calls his friend Zazie. "I told him, find an idea, because a priori , what we did, it's not enough and she sent me the text to light the fire and probably, for fear or stress, I tried in the urgency of doing this song. "

The composition was born in a breath from "words of Zazie.With (the guitarist) Pierre Jaconelli, we tried to find an idea.I put myself in a posture 'johnniesque', standing (...) J I really tried to put myself in his shoes, no one replaces Johnny, but it came out that way! "says Pascal Obispo, always proud. "There are fantastic songs in Johnny's repertoire, including his son's after, and before, Requiem for a crazy , magical songs, but this one looks a lot like him on every level. match him perfectly, before and once gone too. "