Chinese base fraud group also in Dalian

In an incident in which a Chinese-based fraud group was detected, it was discovered through interviews with investigators that this group had previously established a base in Dalian, Liaoning Province, in addition to Jilin Province. The Metropolitan Police Department is moving forward with elucidating the actual situation as if it had moved from one location to another in order to escape the investigation by the investigation authorities.

Susumu Nishiya (44), who appears to be a sub-leader of a scam group based in China, suspects fraud after calling a woman in her 70s and fooling three cash cards.

According to previous research, this group has been using one of the apartments in Yanji, Jilin Province, as a base for making fraudulent phone calls. I found out that I had a base through interviews with investigators.

After that, the base in Dalian was closed and moved to Yanji, Jilin Province. Furthermore, instead of consolidating the bases for making fraudulent calls, several “Kakeko” people were distributed in several apartment rooms. It is that.

This group is a total of 50 people, the top seems to be a Chinese man who calls himself `` Charisma '', and the Metropolitan Police Department is proceeding with the elucidation of the organization's situation, assuming that the base was changing in order to escape the investigation authorities It is.