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Long live the bar!


Alone, cut, with milk, with ice, long coffee, American, chocolate, espresso, very hot, tempered, with saccharin, with white sugar, with brown sugar, machine decaffeinated,

Alone, cut, with milk, with ice, long of coffee, American, chocolate, espresso, very hot, tempered, with saccharin, with white sugar, with brown sugar, machine decaffeinated, decaffeinated envelope, in glass, in cup. .. When the gentle manners were still in force -before the arrival of crude realism and fierce satire-, they used to joke about the very varied Spanish ways of ordering and drinking coffee, which were considered as a symptom of each one here Goes to his ball.

Spanish bars are an extraordinary invention, a monument to freedom and plurality, we should kneel every day before their doors and give thanks. They imagine? Suppose we enter a bar, they make us wait a few minutes until the bar is full and, then, the waiter turns to us and asks: "Tell me, how do you want coffee today? Vote . " My mother, the one who would arm herself!

And why coffee? Can't you ask for a glass of milk, a pulley, a lime, a chamomile, a red tea, a green tea, a white tea, a black tea, a verbena ...? Reach an agreement!

I note that few ask for tila in the bars. The lime is stored in the kitchen cupboards for a moment of nerve peak, if it arrives. And sometimes he comes for drinking so much coffee. Me, is that, until I have a coffee, I am not a person. It is understood, but, when you have already taken three, you begin to notice in your eyes. And not only in the look. We are very coffee growers here .

Democracy and the bar have similarities and differences. A resemblance: everything is on your shelves and you can choose what you want. One difference: they give it to you at the bar and you take it; in democracy, ayssss ... It is necessary to wait to see what the majority wants or to see if those who want coffee-coffee or decaf agree. Now coffee and decaf machine taste almost the same ... Now, but no.

We have a parliament with about five main ways to prefer coffee and another eight or so more minorities. Healthy variety! But, well, it has not proved useful to decide what type of coffee we are going to drink. And here we are, without being people, with a glass of water that they have given us to entertain the wait. The 10-N will vote again - only, cut, with milk, decaffeinated etc. - to see what comes out. There will be who, that day, instead of going to the polls, will go to the bar, where you take, grab, go, arrive, choose, ask and give you what you asked for, hey. Long live the bar! (which above is democratic but not able).

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