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Conservative feminism


EVERY TIME, some discover that there are few painters in the Prado Museum. So, the common place is to discuss the technical virtues of Sofonisba Anguissola and, of course,

EVERY TIME, some discover that there are few painters in the Prado Museum. So, the common place is to discuss the technical virtues of Sofonisba Anguissola and, of course, Artemisia Gentileschi. The Baroque painter was raped by her teacher at age 18, which apparently influenced her career and work, which reached its zenith with a very crisp Judit beheading Holofernes, which is preserved in the Ufficci Gallery. [If you want to know more, Anna Banti wrote a novel that explains Artemisia's life well and was translated by Carmen Romero shortly after her divorce from Felipe González. It is difficult to know if it was something catharchic - you know: "young" and "young" - or if it was something casual.] For some years, Artemisia has been the subject of feminist thesis despite the harsh judgment of Camille Paglia, who He considers her a second-row painter.

However, Artemisia has not been the only woman forgotten in Art History. In Citizens. A chronicle of the French Revolution (Debate), Simón Schama briefly notes the biography of Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, painter and personal friend of Marie Antoinette and, therefore, a favorite of the French Court. In addition, he left precious memories. "Here, finally, I rest ..." says his epitaph. After her death, many forgot her. In part, for his association with the queen. In part, for their "conservative", realistic positions.

In 2015, the Grand Palais organized a great exhibition about his work that claimed it not only as an excellent portraitist but also as a witness of his time. Many aspects stand out from it. Some argue that she is the author of the first representation of a mouth in which "teeth teeth" are visible. Others have preferred to make it the object of critical studies because their paintings perpetuate the stereotype of women delivered to motherhood.

Returning to Paglia, he says that one of the great mistakes of feminism is to have excluded conservatives from its movement. “It was disastrous that the second wave of feminism had such a negative view of women who stayed at home to care for their children. They looked at them like second-class citizens and they, of course, rejected feminism.

Although Simone de Beauvoir also said that what worried him was the difference between man and woman. But I knew there are women and men who are different.

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