Detecting fraud groups in China

In an incident where a Chinese-based fraud group was caught, the accounts of the arrested men's executives were charged with 25 million yen, which seems to be part of the tricked money, interviewed investigators I understand. The Metropolitan Police Department is working to elucidate the actual state of the organization, assuming that it was used as a reward for members who make fraudulent calls.

Susumu Nishiya (44), who appears to be a sub-leader of a fraud group based in a condominium in Jilin Province, China, pretends to be a member of the National Bank Association and lies to a woman in her 70s in Nagoya. Over time, you have been suspected of fraud for cheating three cash cards.

The group is arrested for 13 people, including “Kakeko” who makes fraud calls on a scale of 50 people and “Receiver” who receives cash. It was found through interviews with investigators that 25 million yen had been transferred to the executive account.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating that it was used as a reward for “Kakeko” with some of the money tricked.

In addition, “Kakeko” and others are believed to have been invited to China to “get high income in China”, but according to the Metropolitan Police Department, the reward was in addition to 250,000 yen per month, depending on the amount of fraud It was a commission system.

The Metropolitan Police Department assumes that the amount of damage will be 180 million yen and is working to elucidate the reality of the organization.