Male stabbed three years ago, ex-wife, life insurance for victims Aichi Inazawa September 18, 16:42

Three years ago, a former man and his acquaintance were arrested for murdering a 60-year-old man living in this house with a knife in a house in Inazawa, Aichi. After getting married in the year, I learned through interviews with the police that 30 million yen of life insurance was paid to my ex-wife. The two are not living together and the police are looking into the details. The former wives have denied the charges.

In February 2016, Kiyomizu Tsunoda (60 at that time), who lived in this house, was found in the dead body from the burnt-out area in Shimizu-cho, Inazawa, where the two-story wooden house was completely burned away.

There are four wounds stabbed with a knife on the chest, and the police have been investigating as if they were involved in the incident. ) Suspected Sakurai and arrested Chita City's beauty salon manager Susumu Asano (65) for murder.

All the investigations denied the charges.

According to the police, Mr. Tsunoda and Susai were married about half a year before the incident, and Mr. Tsunoda was covered by 30 million yen life insurance with the suspect Sakurai as the recipient.

The insurance has not been paid so far, but the police are investigating the details of the incident and the motives for the fact that the two lived separately after marriage without living together.