Soldier F has an appointment with Justice today. He is accused of killing James Wray and William McKinney and four assassination attempts. Soldier F will not appear; Your lawyers will try to abort the trial . The view is in Londonderry, Derry for Catholics, where the events occurred ... on Sunday, January 30, 1972, which went down in history as Bloody Sunday , Bloody Sunday .

That day, a Republican demonstration runs through the city. Some 15,000 Catholics report detentions without trial. And the British occupation that support the unionists, Protestants. They block access to the center; They start throwing stones. The military responds with rubber bullets and tear gas . Then things get twisted. An army lieutenant shoots into the air, soldiers believe they are shot and fire at discretion. Thirteen people died that day in Derry. One of the injured, months later. 21 soldiers used their weapons. One of them was soldier F.

The army claimed that armed protesters had shot them. The two lies were endorsed by the official report of Lord John Widgery, who only admitted that the troops had acted "to the limit of irresponsibility."

That bloody Sunday , unjustifiable, justified many misdeeds of the Republican terrorists of the IRA, of the paramilitary unionist bands and even of the law enforcement. The violence had already ignited, but that Sunday it took root.

Until the truth came years. And more than 3,500 people died. After the Good Friday agreements that ended the violence in 1998, Tony Blair opened an investigation. It took 12 more years. The report has 10 volumes and an unequivocal conclusion: the protesters were not armed and the army was responsible . David Cameron apologized to the Commons: "It was unjustified and unjustifiable."

The relatives, dissatisfied, went to court. Of 20 cases, only evidence against soldier F, a young paratrooper who is now over 60 and whose identity is hidden, has been admitted. Is it worth taking him to trial? Only him, a pawn of repression? Judge the army when IRA terrorists roam the streets freely, after a covert amnesty?

The crux of Brexit is on that damn border between the two Irlandas. Boris Johnson looks for a magic formula that allows the United Kingdom to leave the EU without replacing it. You better find her. Because there is a lot of spilled blood. And removing history brings many problems.

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