Vincent Hervouet returns this Wednesday on the attack of oil sites in Saudi Arabia and the hijacking of three Australians for spying by Iran. For the specialist in Europe 1, "it's not paranoia, it's the signature of the regime".

The Iranians have bombed the gas station, the Americans have proof. They will present it to the world next week at the UN. There will be skeptics. But experts know that Tehran is behind tanker sabotage in June and incendiary attacks in July. With this bombing, the Iranians continue the escalation. Taken by the throat by the sanctions, they lead an asymmetrical war. They do it with temerity.

Yesterday, the Khamenei guide has excluded any dialogue with the Americans, he wants first that "they repent". President Rohani claims that Donald Trump is "desperate". These two are talking as if they had the nuclear bomb. They do not have it, not yet. But they have the determination of revolutionaries who do not shrink from terror. They are ready to take the world hostage. Besides, they are hostages. Yesterday three Australians, a couple of backpackers and a university were charged with espionage.

It's not paranoia, it's the signature of the regime. In the 1980s, he took French hostages in Lebanon. In June, a French anthropologist of Iranian origin was forgotten in Evin prison. The French consul does not even have the right to wear oranges to Dr. Fariba Adelkhah. Iran remains a pirate state. The Iranian revolution is 40 years old and no thermidor is in sight.