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The UN publicly apologized this Monday with Spain and announced that it will modify its website to correct a "mistake" in the description of Guernica , which referred to Pablo Picasso's work as "an artistic protest against the atrocities of the Republic during The spanish civil war".

"It's obviously a horrible mistake when you consider what really happened in Guernica," said organization spokesman Stéphane Dujarric, during his daily press conference.

The text in question appeared on the website where the United Nations gives an account of the works of art and other gifts from the member states that it has exhibited at its headquarters, including a tapestry reproduction of the Guernica .

This Monday, Dujarric announced that, after receiving news of the problem over the weekend, the entire website has been temporarily removed while the "necessary correction" is being carried out and to allow "a complete review" of all its content .

"We regret the mistake and transfer our apologies to the people and the Government of Spain," said the spokesman, who insisted that everything was a "mistake" without any "bad intention" or "second intentions."

"We know perfectly well that the Republicans were the victims and not the perpetrators," he said of the bombing suffered by the Biscayan town of Guernica on April 26, 1937, carried out by planes of the German Condor Legion, which fought in the Civil War on the side of the Francoist side.

The spokesman admitted that the "error" probably appeared on the web for "two or three years" without being detected .

After having knowledge of the matter, Spain's mission to the United Nations asked the organization for immediate rectification, according to Efe diplomatic sources.

Through Twitter, the Spanish mission said that, "shortly, a new review will be available in line with historical truth."

It was the socialist deputy Javier Alfonso Cendón who denounced on Twitter that the work was referred to as "artistic protest against republican atrocities during the Spanish Civil War."

The tapestry that reproduces the emblematic Picasso was commissioned in 1955 and exhibited since 1985 next to the room that houses the UN Security Council.

For its part, the Juan Negrín Foundation, which guards the legacy of the last president of the Government of the Spanish Republic, considers it "shameful" and "unforgivable" that the United Nations says on its official website that Picasso painted the Guernica to protest the " republican atrocities. "

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SpainThe PSOE promotes a rectification on the UN website on Guernica: "an artistic expression against the atrocities of the Republic"

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