Rod Stewart announces prostate cancer, recovers and calls for medical examination September 17, 18:22

Popular British singer Rod Stewart (74) announced that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was being treated. He called on his fans to have a cancer screening because he was recovering early.

British popular singer Rod Stewart, who attended an event near London last weekend, was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was treated three years ago, according to the British popular newspaper Daily Miller. I made it clear.

The world-famous rock singer Rod Stewart is known for his masterpieces such as “Tomorrow's Memeyo” and “I'm Sexy”, and in 2005 he received the Grammy Award for the album “The Great American Songbook Vol.3” Has won.

Mr. Stewart, who is now 74 years old, was receiving treatment while continuing his musical activities. At the event, “I thought I hadn't told anyone but it was about time to announce it. I said.

According to a charitable organization that supports prostate cancer research, Stewart called on fans to gather for cancer screening in the UK, where one person died of prostate cancer every 45 minutes. about it.