Namie Amuro retired 1 year commemorative post installed September 17th 17:06

The singer Namie Amuro retired for 16 years, and the last concert was held in Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture. A commemorative postbox was set up for a year.

This post was jointly established by the Ginowan City Tourism Promotion Association and the Japan Post Okinawa Branch. The ceremony was held on the 16th.

The post has the same design as the one installed at the live venue for the fans to send a message to Mr. Amuro, and it is pink and has a heart object on top.

At the ceremony, Mayor Matsukawa greeted, “Ginowan City is the last sanctuary where Mr. Amuro performed live.

Then, the children of the fans cast a postcard on behalf of them.

After the ceremony, many fans made a line and took a commemorative photo in front of the post.

This means that the postal items thrown from this post are stamped with a postmark designed with Mr. Amuro's portrait.

A woman in her twenties from Okinawa City said, “It's been a year since I retired. I sent a message to my parents and friends,“ Let's have a nice day. ” It was.

The post will be set up in the Ginowan Marine Support Center from 17th to 15th of next year.