On Europe 1, Tuesday, Estelle Denis, the host of the late afternoon talk show on the channel L'Équipe, called on the former president, a football fan.


Nicolas Sarkozy came to L'Équipe du Soir in 2018. Will François Hollande be sitting at L'Estelle's team on L'Équipe? On Tuesday, on Europe 1, Estelle Denis appealed to the former president, whom she had already declared to want to invite. "We had tried a little approach with Francois Hollande, but we did not go very far, I do not even know if he had the demand," she said on the set of Philippe Vandel.

"We will be delighted to welcome you!"

"Mr. President, if you want to come talk about football in a nice show, on the channel The Team, from 17:30 to 19:45, come, we will be delighted to welcome you!", She called to the address of Francois Hollande in a light tone, Tuesday in Culture Media .

Present on the grid of the L'Équipe channel since September 2017, Estelle Denis is entering her third season at the head of L'Equipe d'Estelle, a talk show about sport, with a good-natured atmosphere. "Information, debate and good humor," summarizes the host. "We want to laugh, we want to relax people with sport."

A rising audience?

A formula that seems to work, since Estelle Denis is "delighted" with the return of the show, scheduled for no less than two hours and a quarter and rich in images, with a rotating band of 25 columnists. "We made a comeback to 270,000" viewers, welcomes the host.

And audiences could increase, as when Nicolas Sarkozy came on the set of The Evening Team for the 2,000th of the show, January 22, 2018: at the time, there had been about 50,000 more viewers than usual audience, which was around 200,000 faithful.