Both Majesty see children's Daidako production Niigata September 17 17:48

The Emperor and Empress watched Niigata City working with children with disabilities and local elementary and junior high school students to produce traditional octopus.

On the 16th, the Majesty's Majesty visited the opening ceremony for the National Culture Festival and the National Arts and Culture Festival for Persons with Disabilities, and visited the welfare facility for the disabled in Niigata City on the 17th.

At this facility, children with disabilities who go to special support schools, local elementary and junior high school students, and high school students are working together to create traditional octopus since the Edo period with the aim of exhibiting at the festival. And both Majesty saw the work of painting the finish.

Of these, Daidako, which has 24 tatami mats, is brilliantly depicted with a large fireworks display in the night sky, and the Emperor told the boys at the special support school that he was working on. It ’s hard, ”he said.

Prior to this, the two men were inspected as the people who had their hands and feet paralyzed in the accident were trying to rehabilitate to return to work.

The empress spoke to a user who was trained to move his / her fingers while receiving electrical stimulation, saying, “When are you rehabilitating?” And the Emperor encouraged, “Please do your best.” It was spoken.