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Nolan Moitti , a 10-year-old French boy, has died this Saturday because of the hamburger contaminated with the bacterium Escherichia coli (E. Coli) he ate eight years ago. During all this time he has lived with a serious disability that left him unable to speak, walk and with difficulties to feed, as Le Parisien has revealed.

"It was a hard test because he did not stop suffering for a moment: the limbs that deform, the bones are broken, he had to undergo several surgeries, he could not eat, swallow, talk or move because he no longer had coordination," he detailed Family lawyer, Florence Rault .

Nolan was one of the 15 children who in 2011 were infected after eating contaminated hamburgers from the Lidl chain. Nolan was then only 23 months old and was the only one left with serious neurological sequelae, he is also the only one who has died . The rest of the children developed a high probability of altering their renal function for life.

The child suffered from diabetes, " was fed with a tube " and "took medication several times a day, in addition to having regular hospital stays ," said his lawyer. "His body finally gave up as a result of all these pathologies that only worsened and completely deteriorated his state of health," he said.

Three years in jail

Seb-Cerf chiefs, who sold frozen steaks with the Steak Country brand, were tried by a court in northern France in 2017 . In February, the manager of the Lidl supplier involved in the food scandal, Guy Lamorlette , now 78, was sentenced to three years in prison for failing to control meat and a fine of 50,000 euros. After his conviction, Lamorlette's lawyer stated that he considered the appeal very serious.

For her part, the lawyer of the Nolan family said that, after the death of the child, she expected Lamorlette to abandon the appeal. "Nolan's parents hope to have the decency and compassion they deserve," he said.

"I hope that the person responsible for this tragedy has the decency to withdraw his appeal. During the first trial, he did not even want to see Nolan , now he must serve his sentence and Nolan's parents must be able to receive compensation and mourn their loss "Rault said. He also stressed the urgency of receiving the money: "The parents are desperate and in misery. They have many debts for the care of the child and do not have money for the funeral ."

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