They keep rolling heads around Donald Trump. The recent forced resignation of John Bolton, National Security advisor, has been, for now, the 31 desertion (more or less) of the restless president's environment . According to him, if the defenestrated Bolton had been left free, "he would have unleashed four wars." It is curious the contradictory psychology of the blond president, who first names hawks and when they deploy the flight - also happened with Steve Bannon - Trump cuts their wings. Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela have been triggering issues of the latest recall / resignation, precisely, when Bolton wanted to apply his well-known interventionist views, which have clashed with the uneven rhythms of Trump's strategic electrocardiogram.

It is surprising that, according to a study by the Brookings Institution ( Washington's prestigious think tank ), the rate of resignations, resignations and dismissals operated between Trump's high command is three times higher than that of the first mandates of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton , and more than five times higher than those of President George W. Bush. The blade has been reaping secretaries of state, ambassadors at the UN, chiefs of staff, economic advisors, security advisors, press spokesmen, communication directors, ministers (secretaries) of Health and Justice, senior FBI positions (including a director and a deputy director), Attorney Generals, Chiefs of Staff, etc. A true orgy of political blood, which places the Trump White House at the top of the ranking, with the highest number of dismissals and defections in any other administration in the modern history of the Presidency.

What have been the background motivations of these shows and political soap operas? Reviewing the rosary of resignations / dismissals that stunt Trump's presidential march, the following motivations are observed. The first is the poor patience of the White House tenant in the natural differences of judgment with his collaborators. In politics, patience is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of true leaders. When a president believes that 10 conflicts are coming from the hands of his collaborators, he can be sure that nine will stay on the road. Long encouragement in good politics is vital in the face of difficulties. Trump does not know how to wait. He lacks the perspective of those who understand that impatience in politics does not accelerate the outcome of the crisis : it makes them worse. That is happening with its relations with China. Their positions range from a marked protectionism with harsh impositions of fees on Chinese products to temporary suspensions of import levies, through strong financial threats. Since March 8, 2018, Trump announced a rise in tariffs on steel and aluminum, Chinese-American relations have been like a soap opera with challenge tints from OK Corral. Chinese countermeasures against American tariffs make Trump recourse, who begins negotiations to avoid a Chinese and US trade war. But, days later, it announces new rates to Chinese imports totaling 4,000 million dollars. After successive measures, Trump returns to the negotiating table. He immediately announces a truce and a temporary suspension of hostile measures. The suspension is short-lived and Trump returns. China responds with a depreciation of the yuan, which means a stock market crash. And so on. Trump forgets the old political axiom that "patience is bitter, but its fruits are sweet."

If the impatience has perverse effects, the poor election of directors is not minor. Forced resignations and hasty cessations have a lethal consequence . Staff gaps must be hurriedly covered. Which means that you cannot always choose the most suitable ones. A president needs good collaborators. Without them it is like a turtle upside down. It can move a lot, but it doesn't get anywhere. The abrupt changes in Trump's policies bring his cause, not only in presidential instability, but also in the crossing of different councils in short periods of time . Note, for example, the policy towards North Korea. Trump's threat of unleashing a storm of "fire and fury", he went on compliments after the merry joint march along the dividing line between the two Koreas. "I have a great time with you," Trump told Kim Jong-un. From the hopeful summit between the two in Singapore, the grim results in the one in Hanoi were passed. Today the picture is again swinging between North Korea's nuclear threats, the US sanctions and the snubbing between the two leaders. It does not appear that the successive defenestrations of Michael Flynn (February 2017), Security Advisor, have favored a linear policy with North Korea; HR McMaster (June 2018), also Security advisor; Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State (March 2018) and now John Bolton. We will see how long Mike Pompeo, the current Secretary of State, lasts, who seems to have said that it is "in the hands of God and those of Trump."

The continuous blows on the collaborators, end up weakening the protective shield of the Presidency. It happens that the unemployed are resentful creating potential enemies, from which the Democratic adversaries take advantage. More than 100 Democratic representatives are determined supporters of opening a impeachment against Trump. Of course, even if his comrades joined and achieved a majority in Congress (which is very doubtful), the Senate would reject the trial. The Mueller Report on the implications of Russia in the American elections has been interpreted by Mueller himself - former FBI director with Obama and Bush - thus: "If we had been sure that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said it" . This has given wings to accusations of obstruction of justice. And the Democrats have called to testify a series of witnesses, including current and former Trump collaborators. Some resentful against the president.

We have just pointed out the grudges left by resignations and dismissals in the ceased employees. Let me insist on the dangers of those situations . Not always the discard of a person is well assumed by the victim. Many times, this is like an injured animal that awaits the moment of his revenge. The Watergate case is a good example. John Dean was a lawyer very close to Nixon. But when the scandal began, Nixon's refusal to grant Dean immunity and his subsequent dismissal led him to a series of statements to the prosecutors in the case, which revealed the existence of tapes recorded in Nixon's office. It was the end of the president. He had to resign. At the same time, a resentful one against Nixon for not having appointed him director of the FBI (William M. Felt), played the role of Deep Throat , transmitting vital data of the case to a journalist.

Something similar we could say of Gennifer Flowers (singer, who asked Bill for a second-order position in the Arkansas government and obtained it) and Monica Lewinsky (White House Fellow), lovers and somehow former collaborators of lower levels from Clinton. The feeling of being used by Clinton led them to distrust him. The first was an obstacle - overcome by the naughty governor of Arkansa - for the Democratic primary. The second, almost cost the president, via impeachment .

It is difficult for a president to have true friends among his collaborators, but what he cannot do is treat them as enemies . And this is what Trump seems to do with his easy trigger trigger.

Rafael Navarro-Valls , professor, academic and analyst of the US Presidency.

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