Fate has wanted the 2019 Diada to be celebrated a few days after the assault on Area 51. A historic hoax has gotten two million people ready to go to Nevada to release aliens kidnapped by the U.S. government, shortly after thousands of Catalans have taken to the streets to ask Spain to stop subjecting them to terrible experiments.

It's no use that the Air Force remembered the federal law of 1950, which allows them to shoot to kill anyone who violates the perimeter, because this week two Dutch bloggers have already been arrested for advancing to the assault, while shooting on the internet Sex searches with aliens.

Nor did it matter that the promoter said it was a joke. As if Pujol said that nationalism was an invention to collect commissions of 3%. Because the universe is that wonderful place where there will always be guys willing to believe that aliens traveled to Egypt thousands of years ago, using technology not yet invented, to teach us how to make pyramids dragged stones.

The big event that fuels the conspiracy in Area 51 is the alleged autopsy of one of the tiny, bald, eye-eyed, and over-brained aliens that crashed his ship on a New Mexico ranch in 1947. Stephen Hawking said there were living things so little alike on earth as a butterfly of a whale, it seemed like an unassuming coincidence that in the vastness of the universe the aliens looked so much like us.

Man is a species capable of imagining that he resembles aliens as easily as he thinks himself different, or at least with better DNA, than his neighbors.

That the conspiracies are in the hands of politicians is the greatest evidence that there is nothing in the Nevada desert. Very little must be known about the democratically elected human being to believe that if Donald Trump has living aliens submitted in Area 51, a photo would not have been taken by shaking a tentacular hand. As you also have to know very little about what is happening in Catalonia to believe that, if their current leaders had aliens in their hands, the first thing they would do would be to put them in the hands of linguists and plant them before the world to release in perfect Catalan: "Look we have been watching you for centuries from our spacecraft, but as soon as we saw the Jordis, we knew we had to go down, because it cries out to heaven."

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