A Russian woman suffered a nervous breakdown after she saw her "deceased" son knocking on the door of her house.

At that time, his wife and daughter organized a funeral for him, followed by the cremation.

But four months later, his mother, 62-year-old Antonina Mikhailovna, opened the door after hearing someone knocking him in succession.

According to the British website Metro, Konstantin, who worked at the naval bases, disappeared for six days before his mother contacted the police.

After the appearance of her son, Ms. Mikhailovna called the police and apologized for the wrong diagnosis of the body, saying that she was very sad and upset at the time.

"The body was very similar to my son."

When the police asked the man why he disappeared, he replied: "I needed to spend time with myself and think about what I wanted to do in life."

Accordingly, the police are now conducting investigations to identify the body that was burned and buried.