The first channel showed the first release of the second season of the vocal show “Voice. 60+. "

Traditionally, the new season began with a performance by the quartet of show mentors. This time - Leo Leshchenko, Pelageya, Valeria and Mikhail Boyarsky. They sang the hit of Alexander Kutikov and Andrei Makarevich "New Turn".

Blind auditions opened with a performance by Andrei Lysikov, a professional musician from the Alice Band. All the jury members rated the Just a Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody medley. Lysikov chose Lev Leshchenko as his mentor, who pushed the red button first.

The second contestant, 80-year-old Mikhail Ryzhov, jokes about his age: “Actually, 35”. He chose the lyric song “What is so worried about the heart” for his performance. Pelageya invited Ryzhova to her team.

“Absolutely accurate hit in my soul,” the singer explained.

Having met with mentors, Mikhail Mikhailovich also performed the song "Tired Submarine."

Another contestant, Elena Gurileva, said that her relatives discouraged her from participating in the show. And in vain: the piano song “White acacia fragrant clusters”, performed under the piano, brought Gurileva a place in the team of Mikhail Boyarsky.

Vladimir Girtsyk from Severouralsk supplemented his performance with a saxophone part. With the jazz compositions of Blue Skyes, he became the first member of the Valeria team, and the success was marked by the fervent hit of The Beatles - Can't Buy Me Love. Mentors especially praised the "young" voice of the musician.

A surprise for the jury members was the appearance in the program of the participant of the ensemble "Gems" Oleg Sleptsov, who has already been performing on stage for 40 years. Sleptsov's performance of the hit Tom Jones hit Kiss captivated all four mentors. Mikhail Boyarsky even expressed a desire to learn from the contestant. The singer, in turn, emphasized the importance of the Voice show for Russian television.

“Thanks to this program, it was possible for a large mass of people to get to know such wonderful artists,” said Sleptsov. According to the artist, he came to the show to try a new direction in creativity. The singer chose Valeria as mentor.

The season’s premiere show featured a performance by the project’s oldest participant: Lyudmila Pakhomova, who chose the song “About Me” for her debut on the show, turned 91 in spring.

The hall greeted Pakhomova very warmly, and the mentors talked to the artist while standing. Choosing between Mikhail Boyarsky and Valeria, Lyudmila Pakhomova preferred the latter.

Actor and film director Vladimir Laptev sang arietta "Little Creole" (it was previously performed by Soviet and Russian artist Alexander Vertinsky) and was accepted into the team of Mikhail Boyarsky.

“I am a drama artist. But, as it seems to me, one should not only sing any song, but also live, ”Laptev revealed his secret.

Honored Artist of Russia Yuri Shivrin devoted music to his whole life. Now, with the song My Way, he became a member of the team of Lev Leshchenko.

“I knew that Lev Valerianovich would be a mentor, and I dreamed about it,” the singer said.

Mentors did not invite Vladmir Sapuntsova with the song “On the Far Amazon” to the next round, but Valeria, who sang this song in the school ensemble, went on stage to perform the chorus in a duet.

Participation in the project of Irina Hanukaeva-Riksgens, who presented the gypsy romance “Guitar”, was also interrupted. However, Pelagia recalled an entertaining story: it turns out that they had already met with a contestant earlier in Dusseldorf. Then Ricksgens, a hairdresser-stylist by profession, did the singer a hairstyle.

One of the most memorable numbers was the bright potpourri of Inna Poor, combining the classic aria in Italian and the hit Queen - I Want To Break Free. Mentors did not turn to the performer, but the audience was impressed by the performance.

According to the results of the first release, Valeria almost formed a team: she has three members in the asset. Lev Leshchenko and Mikhail Boyarsky filled half of the vacant seats, and Pelageya acquired only one member of the team.

The Voice Senior in Russian

Musical TV show “Voice. 60+ ”- Russian adaptation of The Voice Senior show, the format of which was developed in the Netherlands and produced by Talpa Productions. "Vote. 60+ ”involves the participation of contestants aged 60 and over.

The age format of the project, as well as “Voices. Children ”, the competition time has been reduced. The participants go through the stage of blind auditions, “knockouts” (after the results of the solo performance of the composition, the mentor determines which of the wards will continue to participate in the show), and then go to the finals.

In Russia, the first season of “Voices. 60+ ”started in September 2018. Then the judicial seats were occupied by the musicians Leonid Agutin, Pelageya, Lev Leshchenko and Valery Meladze.

The winner of the project was the contestant from the Pelageya team Lydia Muzalyova. She beat silver medalist Evgeny Strugalsky by 3% - 51.7% of the audience voted for the performer.

According to the results of the audience voting in the final of the premiere season, Pelageya became the best mentor of the show. She and Lev Leshchenko maintained the position of the jury in the second season. Instead of Leonid Agutin and Valery Meladze, artists Mikhail Boyarsky and Valeria made their debut as mentors in the project. The latter responds warmly to the participants in the show.

“These people are with good musical taste, they are brought up on beautiful songs, with amazing melodies, with real poetry. Therefore, here we are, in the chairs of mentors, sitting just a pleasure. They go on stage just to share their love. And it is so valuable, it is felt so in every movement, in every breath, ”the press service of Channel One quotes Valery.

This year, the channel’s management developed an update of the voting system in the project. It is expected that the new mechanism will be presented before the final stage of “Voices. 60+. " The winner of the project will be selected in early October.