The Ministry of Health announced Friday that carers, who care for an elderly relative, sick or disabled, can receive a paid leave to the tune of 40 euros per day. A first in France, where caregivers are not compensated when they take leave to support their fragile relatives.

The compensated leave for "caregivers" supporting an elderly, ill or disabled, who will be created in 2020, will be paid around 40 euros per day, was learned Friday from the cabinet of Minister Agnès Buzyn.

This leave, which will appear in the 2020 budget of the "Sécu" presented at the end of September, will be "compensated to the level of comparable existing holidays, for example leave for a sick child," told AFP a spokesman for the Minister, confirming information from France Info.

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The daily allowance of parental presence (AJPP), paid when taking care of his seriously ill, injured or handicapped child, is about 43 euros for a couple, 52 euros for a single person, according to the official website of the administration

Eleven million caregivers in France

The Minister of Solidarity and Health announced this measure before the summer to "facilitate the reconciliation of professional and personal life" of caregivers and "support" those who suffer significant wage losses.

According to the association "I help you", there are in France some 11 million carers, including a large majority of women.

In the current state of the law, carers have the right to take leave to care for their relative, for a maximum of three months, split (except possibly more favorable provision in the collective agreement). But since this leave is unpaid, only a very small number of people have applied for it.