Den convex Sociologists thought at 13:13 on September 13

We continue to report on the freedom of expression triggered by the problems that occurred at the International Art Festival in Aichi Prefecture. Among them, I was convinced by Dento. This was a word that meant intensive protests over the phone and email, and was also violently performed by the art festival office. The number has risen to 2,900 in the three days before the cancellation. I asked Associate Professor Ryosuke Nishida of Tokyo Institute of Technology who is familiar with social issues on the Internet about Dentsu.

Although it is a civil intention ...

Mr. Nishida says that Denvo, that is, the general public protesting the government by phone or e-mail, is a sign of public will. On the other hand, I also pointed out this.

“If you send a similar protest word made with copy and paste to an email, or if you read something like a manual and make a phone call, that would be“ manualized civilization ”. Isn't it a little misunderstood if you simply say that it is a civil intention? "

What do you mean.

This time, it was said that protests were called using the Internet's SNS, and the number to call was shared.

In addition, protest wordings are also posted, and it is clear that there was a person who performed Denvo.

Mr. Nishida says there is a problem with this manual.

“People's intention is inherently formed by contacting different opinions and sometimes changing opinions and positions. However, manualization means that each person can do things without thinking. You can think of it as taking away creative ideas and thoughts. ''

What I was interested in interviewing Mr. Nishida is that "In recent years, these movements have been seen in a wide range."

Nishida, who is studying the relationship between the Internet and politics, warned that Denvotsu like this time is spreading in the world of politics and elections.

“Political movements and manuals for election campaigns are progressing. In addition to grassroots activities, political parties may use this approach as a tactic for mobilization. I think it's a cost-effective and reasonable way to communicate without cost, but you should keep in mind that certain conclusions and specific actions are in mind from the start. In addition, the opportunity to discuss and interact with diverse opinions in the process is also deprived, and I think we have a problem in the sense of sealing off opinions from different positions. "