TBS Crazy Journey “Distorted Facts” Program Suspension September 11 21:19

In the project to capture rare creatures in TBS's variety program "Crazy Journey", it was found that the staff prepared the creatures prepared in advance as if they were found on the spot. I apologized for this and announced that the program would be suspended until the factual investigation was over.

According to TBS, among the 6 types of creatures introduced in the plan to capture rare reptiles in Mexico, the variety program “Crazy Journey” broadcast on the 14th of last month, four types of staff, such as “Mexico Salamander”, are the staff of the program. It means that it has been prepared in advance by.

The staff did not find the target creatures when they went on location in Mexico in July, so they asked the local collaborators to release the creatures that had been prepared beforehand.

Also, after examining the 10 projects broadcast so far, 11 of the 37 species that were captured were prepared in advance.

At the beginning of this month, when there was a point of view from the outside and the investigation proceeded, TBS said, “It is a fact-based program that distorted the facts and should not be. We will post comments on the website and announce that the program will be suspended until the factual investigation is over.