According to him, the weather will begin to deteriorate on Friday, September 13, in the evening, it will rain.

“At the weekend we will be moved from hot July to a real rainy, windy September. On Saturday night it is expected to reach 9-14 ° C, during the day no higher than 12-17 ° C, ”RIA Novosti quoted Tishkovets as saying.

He noted that on Sunday it will still get colder, in the morning 5-10 ° C is expected, and in the afternoon 11-16 ° C - "it's even cooler than normal."

Tishkovets added that short rains would go all weekend and stated that "it will be possible to put an end to Indian summer."

“This weekend will begin, and the whole next week will be cloudy, rainy, windy, cold. The temperature will be even lower than expected by the climatic norm, ”he added.

Earlier, climatologist Andrei Kiselyov, a leading researcher at the Voyeykov Main Geophysical Observatory, commented on reports of subzero temperatures in August in an interview with URA.RU.