The special weaving cloth for the “Oyodo Festival” Weaving ceremony Tokushima September 10 16:16

On the 10th, Tokushima started the traditional ceremonies associated with the succession of the throne in November, the first weaving ceremony to begin weaving the special fabrics that are used in the “Daijosai”, “Aratai”. It was held at a shrine in the prefecture.

The samurai clothing is a special hemp fabric that is worn as a “god's garment” at the Daegu festival, and a family called “Awainbeshi” in Tokushima Prefecture has been put in the Imperial Family for generations.

The raw hemp yarn was completed last month, and the first weaving ceremony was held on the 10th at the Yamazaki Imbe Shrine in Yamakawa-cho, Yoshinogawa City.

While about 100 people including Awa Imawabe's descendants attended, seven women called “orime” from high school students who wore Miko costumes to 22 years old sat on the weaving machine. We used a tool called "hi" between the warps to pass the weft and weave it.

Ryoko Kimura (22), “Weaving with the feeling that Ryowa will be a wonderful era. I want to work hard because it ’s a precious experience in my life.”

One piece is about 32 centimeters wide and about 11 meters long, and we will weave four pieces over the next month and put them in the Imperial Palace at the end of next month.