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The American singer Taylor Swift chose Paris , the city of love, to present her album 'Lover' (Lover) live for the first time on Monday night in an exclusive concert for fans from all over the world in the mythical hall Parisian shows L'Olympia . The album, the seventh of his career, went on sale last August 23 worldwide and has a much more romantic, bright and colorful tone than in his previous album, 'Reputation' (2017), his darkest album .

'Tay Tay', as his fans call it, offered a concert in the French capital that bore the title of 'City of Lover concert' , making a pun between the nickname of Paris as the city of love and the title of the new disk. And it became precisely a song to love, in all its forms and colors, without falling into the cursilería.

A big heart - decorated with the symbols of Paris (the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe) , butterflies and flowers - welcomed a colorful show, in which most of the songs he performed spoke of love and heartbreak. "Taylor, Taylor", shouted excitedly at the beginning of the concert the 'Swifties', as the followers of the American singer call themselves.

Many of Taylor Swift's French fans and tourists visiting Paris these days, however, were left wanting to see her perform live. It was not possible to buy the ticket to see the "princess of pop". The event was by invitation only . And the seats were told in this famous Parisian theater with a capacity for 2,000 people . Most of the lucky ones who got an entry, from 37 nations, had won them in competitions organized by the record label in their respective countries.

This multi-platinum sales artist did not play live in France since 2011, when she performed at the Le Zénith de Paris covered stadium, which she then failed to fill, as recalled by the French magazine "Le Point". Since then Taylor Swift had only set foot in France to promote his albums, but without giving concerts.

The singer and songwriter is the famous highest paid in the world according to the magazine 'Forbes' and one of the most sold albums, but the French public had heard lately more about her for her statements against President Donald Trump and her support for the party Democrat, for the gossip of the heart press and for his disagreements with his previous record than for his music.

With this exclusive concert at L'Olympia, Taylor Swift wanted to take off the thorn that was stuck in his heart before the apparent coldness of the French public with his records in the past. "France is a priority," he said in May in an interview with the newspaper 'Le Parisien'. He has even dared to act in French at the beginning of the video for his single "Me". He also opened and closed the Olympia concert with a few words in Molière's language.

Taylor Swift, 29, started the concert in L'Olympia with 'Me', which belongs to his new album and with which he beat when he left in April all the records of visits on the Vevo and YouTube platforms.

The singer - winner of a dozen Grammy Awards, an Emmy, more than twenty American Music Awards and countless other awards - showed her rocker side in Paris with 'I knew that you were trouble' from her fourth album 'Red' (2012).

He also delighted his fans by showing his most intimate side performing for the first time live songs from his new album playing the guitar herself and then a grand piano, as if he were in his living room. And he put the whole room to dance with more moving songs like 'Shake it off' from his fourth album '1989' (2014), the album that made her a superstar around the world.

Taylor Swift spoke in Paris - the romantic city par excellence, with the permission of Venice - of love. "Love is something fascinating to me," said the singer, who confessed to her fans that she likes "the complexity of falling in love." And he explained that for her the songs, which she herself composes on the piano or with her guitar, are "like photographs to remember a moment" and how she felt then.

His new album 'Lover', which goes under the fan of his new record label Republic Record , contains a very special song for Taylor Swift: 'Soon You'll Get Better', a tribute to his mother, Andrea Swift , who fights against cancer, and in which the artist expresses her fear of losing her.

The singer, who began her career singing country music, made in her concert in Paris a song "to all the different types of love". "Love is chaos. Love is equality and whoever does not agree, has to calm down," he said in presenting his song 'You need to calm down', a colorful and catchy song with which Taylor Swift urges Internet "haters" (users who defame, despise or destructively criticize someone on social networks) and homophobes to calm down a bit.

This time, Taylor Swift's love was reciprocated by his Parisian and foreign fans, who did not stop singing and dancing throughout the concert at L'Olympia. Laia and Audrey, two 12-year-old fans who got a ticket at the last minute, were excited about the pop star's performance. "It was fantastic," said Audrey. "A dream come true," Laia added.

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