Kyo Ani's new movie released for the first time after the incident The victim's name is also on September 6, 19:08


After the “Kyoto Animation” studio was fired, the first new movie was released on the 6th, and many fans visited the Kyoto cinema. The production of this work involves all employees who died or were injured in the incident, and the names of everyone on the end roll are listed.

The first Kyoto animation movie “Violet Evergarden Gaiden-Eternity and Automatic Recorded Dolls” will be released on the 6th after the incident. visited.

The work is a theatrical version of a TV anime that tells a sister who has been separated to regain ties through encounters with the main character who works as a letter writer.

According to Kyoto Animation, the work was completed the day before the July incident, and all staff members of the company, including those who died or were injured, participated in the production.

In Kyoto Animation, the names of staff who have more than a year of experience are usually listed on the end rolls that flow at the end of the work, but this time, everyone is posted with the intention of the director.

A representative attorney for Kyoto Animation said, “It is a testimony to everyone's lives, including the staff who was hit by the disaster. I hope you enjoy it for a long time.”

A female university student in Kita-ku, Kyoto, who saw the movie said, “I felt it was a work where the creator's thoughts were packed with nice pictures and fine expressions. I don't want to lose because there are so many. "

The movie will be released for a limited time until the 26th of this month.