Fukushima nuclear plant accident investigation resumed Nuclear Regulatory Commission decommissioning work progressed September 4 17:45

Regarding the accident at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has confirmed that the cause of the accident that had been suspended was that the decommissioning work has progressed and it has become possible to obtain new data necessary for accident analysis. Clarified policy of resuming analysis investigation.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, together with experts, investigated and analyzed the cause of the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and compiled an interim report five years ago. From then on, the survey was suspended.

Mr. Toyoshi Sarada, Chairman of the Regulatory Committee, will be able to obtain new data necessary for analysis in addition to the increase in places where radiation dose has decreased due to decontamination, etc. Clarified the policy of resuming the investigation as it became possible.

Specifically, I would like to investigate the operating status of the equipment that reduces the pressure by letting out the gas etc. accumulated in the containment vessel, which is considered to be one of the factors that led to the massive release of radioactive materials.

Regulatory Commission, to resume the investigation after conducting and coordination with experts and relevant ministries, our policy is to issue a report to the prospect of the next year.

“The situation has improved a little compared to the past, and we will gradually find materials worthy of consideration, so I would like to reorganize the investigation system.”