Job era ice age generation 600 times recruitment of staff Request from local government Mayor Takarazuka September 3, 18:22

Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture recruited regular employees for the so-called “employment ice age” generation, and when the magnification reached 600 times, Mayor Nakagawa of Takarazuka City requested the adoption of this generation to neighboring local governments, etc. Made it clear.

In Takarazuka-shi, we recruited regular staff for people in their mid-30s to mid-40s to support those who were unable to find jobs as they wanted during the ice age of employment. The number of applicants was 1816 from all over the country, and the magnification reached 600 times.

In response, Mayor Tomoko Nakagawa, Takarazuka City, held a press conference on the 3rd. “There are many people who are still struggling with struggling employment because of the unstable employment situation. I wanted to support this, which led to this initiative. "

In addition, the people who applied this time said that they were unable to take employment examinations for more than 100 companies or that they were unable to apply unless they were new graduates even if they were aiming to become regular employees. Introduced.

On top of that, Mayor Nakagawa said, “There is a tremendous feeling that it is 600 times, but this is a great deal. I hope Takarazuka City will further expand its efforts and open other gates to other local governments and companies,” said the top of the local municipalities. And local companies have also been requested to hire this generation.