A truck crashes into a car and falls into a river. A driving man is killed. 5 people are injured.


On the morning of the 3rd, on a city street in Kashiwa-ku, Kobe City, a large truck down the slope crashed into three passenger cars one after another and fell to the river beside the road. The male driver of the truck died, and the pedestrian male high school student involved was seriously injured, and four passenger cars were injured, and the police are examining the detailed situation.

After 8:00 am on the 3rd, large trucks that came down the slope on the city street in Takaba-cho, Kashiwa-ku, Kobe, collided with three passenger cars one after another, hit one pedestrian, and then closed the roadside fence. It broke through and fell into the river about 4 meters below.

According to the police, a man in his fifties who had been driving a large truck died, and a 15-year-old high school boy who was 15 years old was involved in a serious injury such as breaking his face. did.

In addition, a 61-year-old male member of a group employee who was riding a rear-end passenger car and three men and women from their teens to their 40s were injured and received treatment at the hospital.

The site is a steep downhill with one lane on each side. According to previous surveys, the truck was found to have collided with three other vehicles about 600 meters before the fallen river.

The police are examining the driving situation of the truck in detail.