“Service overtime forced and power harassment” suspected by former pharmacist at Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital September 3 19:28

A pharmacist woman who worked at a Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital was forced to work overtime by his boss and received power harassment. Woke up in court.

The complaint was filed by a 20-year-old pharmacist who worked at Tokyo Metropolitan Bokuto Hospital in Sumida Ward. After an appeal to the Tokyo District Court on the 3rd, an agent lawyer reported A conference was held.

According to it, in the first year of working at the hospital, this woman was forced to work on duty, such as “practicing night shift”, and overtime after ending the work with a time card. In all cases, overtime pay is not paid.

In addition, the pharmacology department of this hospital is told that the first year's employees are not allowed to apply for paid payments, and his supervisor has been subject to power harassment such as obstructing paid applications. We are requesting a payment of over 7 million yen including the fee and consolation fee.

A plaintiff's woman commented, “It was unbearable in a poor work environment, exhausted both physically and mentally, and had to make a choice of retirement. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government acknowledged the facts and would like to pay all unpaid wages.” It is.

On the other hand, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government says, “The complaint has not arrived, so we will refrain from commenting”.